Winter Selling Wonderland

Winter Selling Wonderland

Posted on November 6, 2014 by Keller Williams Realty International —
Provided by The Selling Snohomish Team of Keller Williams Western Realty
With the cooler weather usually comes cooler home sales as well. However, for the savvy seller, fall and winter could prove to be a very successful home selling season. In the winter, there is less competition on the market and winter buyers may be more motivated to buy as their need to move is more pressing.

winter selling

Motivated to sell this winter? Here are some tips for winter selling:
1. Take photos of the house on sunny days before the clouds take over and the leaves fall from the trees. Sellers want to be sure to show the full potential and beauty of the home. Reach out to clients now and suggest they get photos taken of their home in preparation for cold weather selling.
2. Create a virtual video tour of the home. In areas where the weather can get be especially stormy, offering potential buyers the opportunity to first see the home from the comfort of their own computer is helpful.
3. When hosting an open house, be sure to keep walkways and driveways clear. You don’t want any potential buyers to slip and fall on their way inside the home.
4. Keep the house warm. A warmer inside temperature will keep potential buyers inside longer. If someone will be in the home for a while, consider lighting a small fire in the fireplace to further warm the home and create an inviting space away from the cold.
5. Keep window curtains and blinds open to let in as much light as possible.
6. Create an atmosphere. In cooler months, you have the option to invite buyers to stay a little longer and enjoy a warm beverage and winter foods. Take this as an opportunity to really make them feel at home, and hopefully soon, they will be.
Another advantage of selling homes in the winter is the warmth and cheer of the holiday season. The holidays are a time for family, friends and gatherings. Create an environment that conveys the joy that has been shared in the home so buyers will be eager to move in and make their own memories. Avoid listing homes the week of Thanksgiving or the week of Christmas as buyers take that time off to enjoy the holidays. So, as the weather cools down, remember to use these tips and heat up your listing presentations.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A couple of weeks ago we got a call from an agent who has a home for sale in the same neighborhood where we recently sold a home for full price very quickly, and he asked how were able to get the our price. We didn’t do anything unusual to sell this home and told him so. Out of curiosity we looked up the home on the MLS. What we saw was very surprising! The pictures were terrible!

90% of the time a homebuyer first sees a home online. The only things they have to go off are the pictures and a brief description. A 2010 Redfin study showed homes that are professionally photographed get 61% more online views and sell for between $934-$18,819 more than homes shot by an amateur. When it comes to real estate photography, a picture can be worth thousands dollars.

Below are pictures we found on our local MLS.


Bad Listing Photo 4

Bad Listing Photo 3


Bad Listing Photo 1

Bad Listing Photo 2

 And my personal favoritethe winner is!



Below are pictures taken by our photographer Mary.


4 bedroom

2 back yard

1 bathroom

3 closet

Which photos would you like to represent your home?

When your are ready to buy, sell, or invest give us a call.

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